2 Faces Visual Identity
Luis Mileu & Ricardo Henriques / CAIS

Visual Identity, Posters and Exhibition Design.

2 FACES reveals 10 stories of people who have had a troubled past and “recovered face”, expressing the representation of two forces that reside in the individual: capacity for transformation and strength to act. In order to portray the capacity for change inherent in the human being, 2 FACES explores the expression “to have two faces”, which refers to the idea of distrust, but which can also be interpreted as synonymous with renewal, in which past learning contributes To create a different future.The exhibition “2 Faces” gains expression under three primordial forms of portraiture: photography, interview and drawing. In a partnership with the Association CAIS, the photographs and interviews (present) collected are delivered to 10 professional illustrators who, through drawing (past), complete the dichotomy of each person. Illustrations by: Afonso Cruz, José Mendes, Nuno Saraiva, Pedro Carmo, Pedro Gonçalves,Pedro Gonçalves, Rui Morais, Antónia Santolaya, Enrique Flores, Ricardo Paula. Photography by Luis Mileu

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