Roots Run Deep Vinyl
Fast Eddie Nelson

In the first meeting we agree in not to use computers on the album artwork. We want it to be raw, connect to earth and nature.
Cláudio shoot a photo of Nelson and Arrábida Mountain, I bring the photos in my vacations and during my family naps took walks searching for roots and debris from nature, some from Casa Branca in Alentejo, others from Tavira and Praia Verde in Algarve, where a did the collage inside a pizza card box. The back cover was made at Barreiro, destroying pages of newspapers, old books and pages. Again photographed by Cláudio, and send to production.

There is a Limited edition white vinyl, with a cyanotype by Claudio Ferreira, numbered and signed by Fast Eddie Nelson, Cláudio Ferreira and me.
Publish by Vinil Experience & Raging Planet
Photography by Cláudio Ferreira

Design at MAGA