Toca-me, sou muitos
Algo Rítmico CCP exhibition

Touch me, I am many.

Poster seeks empathy /// No narrative /// No map ///  No moral  /// cut up /// sound /// skin /// Electricity /// Love /// Diversity /// Humanity

Sound poster installation created for “ALGO RÍTMICO” exhibition, with Marcos Dias curatorship, for the CCP (creative club of Portugal) Festival.

Cut up Sound Collage triggered by electric paint touch, over collage and drawing artwork. Signal run through a Bar Conductive touch board, plug into a 100w Marshall JCM 900 Hi-gain Dual Reverb.

Analog — Digital — Analog

Thanks to:

Marco Dias, for the invitation.

Nick Nicotine, for help in sound recording, sound cut up and sound search in suspicious web sites.

Diogo Conceição, Sara Silva,  at CCP team

Nash Does Work photos permission to use